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Mar 23rd
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1. Tunisia, the First Arab Country to Implement PB
(The Democracy Movement Blog/General)
... decided to wait for the sewage before paving, and to make pressure on the federal agency to put the sewage network. The information provided by the technical staff help the citizens to understand the situation ...
2. Public Participation for 21st Century Democracy
(Resources/Member Contributions)
... explores the use of participation in various arenas, including education, health, land use, and state and federal government. It offers a practical framework for thinking about how to engage citizens effectively, ...
3. Making Public Participation Legal -- Brookings recap
(The Democracy Movement Blog/General)
... of the agenda, and public officials can be legally removed from office if they allow meeting conversation to do so. Modeled after the 1996 federal dispute resolution act, the Model Municipal Ordinance ...
... state and federal levels, selecting a sample of new MPs. Findings disseminated/compared internationally so are of use to practitioners and academics in the US, Canada, etc.  ...
5. Next Steps for Rebuilding Democracy
(The Democracy Movement Blog/General)
... responsibility for dealing with the recession instead of just relying on state and federal governments to address our needs?  This, like the 9/11 attack, is our opportunity to not just talk about how a ...
The Obama Administration will soon release the Open Government Directive (OGD), the president’s plan for making the federal government more responsive, participatory, and effective. The directive will ...
7. A Democracy Agenda for Obama
(Headlines/U.S. News)
... democracy, and community development, have produced a set of recommendations for federal policy in civic engagement. The Strengthening Our Nation's Democracy report includes proposals for executive orders, ...
8. Democracy Helpline
(Initiatives/Projects - General)
... Kansas and Inglewood, California. A federal official who shows an interest in involving citizens in complex science-based policy questions would be given examples like the Danish Technology Boards, the ...
9. Organizational Members
(About Us/Deliberative Democracy Consortium)
... and federal levels        ...
10. Deliberative Democracy Fact Sheet
(About Us/Deliberative Democracy Consortium)
... provided by the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation. DDC Workgroups: Knowledge-Building Online FedNet (federal officials) Democratic Governance   Help public ...
11. Public Involvement Usually Leads to Better Environmental Decision-making
(The Democracy Movement Blog/Knowledge Building)
... of federal agencies’ decisions about the environment, says a new report from the National Research Council. Well-managed public involvement also increases the legitimacy of decisions in the eyes of those ...
12. Projects
(Initiatives/Projects - General)
... share their own lessons learned. Building a permanent infrastructure for deliberative democracy, including a more supportive legal and policy framework, at the local, state, and federal levels. ...
13. Deliberative Democracy FAQ
(About Us/Deliberative Democracy General)
... neighborhood activists, state and federal officials, and community organizers. They are focused mainly on involving citizens in a particular issue or decision; they may not even think of ...
14. We Have A Different Dream Today
(The Democracy Movement Blog/Knowledge Building)
... dynamics of the race issue may change at the federal level as well. But this may require a new vision of racial progress, a dream based on the reality of local discussions on race and difference. We are ...
15. National Initiative for Democracy
(Web Links / Other Resources)
The National Initiative for Democracy proposal would add the power of deliberative initiative to all jurisdictions in the United States including at the federal level. ...
16. FedNet
... include: Develop a "federal network for deliberation" that will share information about the state of practice within various executive and legislative insitutions. Create a "best practices ...
... for federal government managers to cultivate a community of practice through online knowledge sharing and networking. The Deliberative Democracy Handbook Online is a section of the website dedicated ...
18. Initiatives
Much of the work of the DDC is accomplished by four Task Groups: Knowledge Building Federal Network Online Deliberation Democratic Governance The DDC is embarking ...